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September 2, 2009, 1:37 pm
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So there’s not much about me you guys want to know, but I’ll still tell anyways just to waste your time. So my name is Charles and I love this play Tennis, Volleyball, and Baseball. I know I sound boring, but if you get to know me then I’m a fun person to be around with. I also love to play video games, I am a fan of “Biohazard” or also known as “Resident Evil”. I am an hardcore gamer because if I don’t get play I would go crazy. All my friend’s know me but most of them don’t know that i like grunge and hard rock like Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed as my favorite artist. Well thats most of all your information you guys need to know about me.


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i didnt know you played tennis? and are you going to try out for volley ball this year?
well i will see you later..

Comment by s8320053

yea imma try out for vball

Comment by EpiC OwNaGe NinJa

hey, whats up??? I can see you from my hair….!

Comment by s8346951


Comment by EpiC OwNaGe NinJa

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