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September 16, 2009, 12:27 pm
Filed under: Epic

Well, i am so bored and i got nothing. Ill try to update on my page later, so from now on go outside and have fun. Epic ninjas are ownage. Well there is like nothing to do right now because i am so bored.

I wish i  could go outside, but i live in a place as what you guys call it “Up in the Hood”. Well not really, but my neighborhood is pretty bad so i don’t go out much.

If you guys want to hang or do something email me at Laaj95@gmail.com or add me on MsN. My msn is email is Ownage_hmong@live.com

Well this is all i got to say because im super bored.

Also……if you are reading this i just wasting 5 seconds of your life…


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I’m sorry that your bore but come over by me and we can have some fun

Comment by s8304972

and who is this?

Comment by EpiC OwNaGe NinJa

charles you have that effect on people u just wast 5 sec of our lives jkjkjkjk


Comment by 0205cassieg

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