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March 22, 2010, 1:02 pm
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May 13, 2010,

Today is birthday and the worst day if my life… Today is the day when dawn will come up in my world. It’s my fault that everyone is gone because of that stupid virus. It wasn’t suppose to end up like this! I thought… I thought if I just the vaccine could just make the blood cells stronger we would be stronger than all living life, but I guess I was wrong. I should of waited longer for test results instead I got too excited. The humans looked so fine, but before long the humans mutated. I am located in Manhattan, New York and who ever finds this journal knows where I’m at.

May 20, 2010,

I have just now started looking for survivors of this holocaust. The mutated humans walk only when dusk hits the land. So I have to look for survivors in the evening. The hard thing is that I go out looking and come back with nothing.

May 22, 2010,

Today I went raiding into houses and came back with food. I was lucky when I raiding the house on 6th street. I luckily raiding a gang house and found weapons. Now, I have something to blow there brains out!

June 5, 2010,

The mutated fiends have somewhat become stronger. I analyzed the video and they have become more aggressive.

June 12, 2010,

A survivor I finally found one! His name was Johnny and he some how survived by living in the roof of a house. We have joined together to fight off these fiends. I also can’t believe we have weapons that will last us for a while.

June 13, 2010,

The time is now to get rid of this evil fiends. I set a lure in Time Square and plan to blow it up. Johnny will be on the roof top sniping the mutants. This will take out most of the mutants.

June 25, 2010,

The plan succeeded and most of the mutants are dying to the bomb I set up. The bomb was so powerful it wiped out the energy in town. I also found out that a man named “Dr. Wilson”. I found out that he is using the Internet to communicate and says that he have found a so called cure. I am planning to set out and find this man.

June 27, 2010,

Johnny and I have finally packed up and set out in the morning and hide at night. We packed up all our weapons in the car and packed our food in the trailer. I have been keeping track of Dr. Wilson’s post on the Internet and found out that he lives in Chicago, Illinois.

July 1, 2010,

I found Dr. Wilson inside a warehouse with three families inside. They have the place heavily guarded with three tanks and five automatic machine guns.

July 10, 2010,

The cure is actually real! We plan to extract the cure so the mutants can fight each other. They will fight each other and the vaccine will move the cut tissue touching any mutants. I hope this plan works and the humans return back to normal.

August 1, 2010,

It’s working…It’s working! I can’t believe it it actually worked!

August 5, 2010,

No, something wrongs! They turned back into mutants! The cure only worked for a certain amount of time! I left Chicago and fled! I guess this will be how it is now. There’s nothing we can do… Johnny got attacked and now I have no one left to talk too. I think it’s time for me to face them and slay them like dragons in den. I am packing all the ammunition and going to destroy these beasts! If I don’t write anything left then this then you guys know what happened.

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